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Domestic and commercial products for the plumbing, heating and building services industries

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Material Specifications

Engraved Discs and Labels

Engraving Laminate Technical Data Sheet

Engraving Laminate Safety Data Sheet

Engraved Traffolyte Labels and Discs

Self-adhesive Vinyl Labels, Pipe Markers, Pipe Banding and Signs

MD5A MeteScape Data Sheet

Ink Data Sheet

Over Lamination Data Sheet External Use*

*All self-adhesive vinyl labels and signs are printed on the external grade MetaScape vinyl as detailed in the MD5A data sheet above.

If required, the signs and labels can be over-laminated for further protection when used externally, this is available at an additional cost - please contact us for details.

Self adhesive labels pipe markers banding and signs

Pipe Identification Tapes - Internal Use

PVC Tape Data Sheet Internal Use

Over Lamination Data Sheet Internal Use

Pipe Identification Tapes

Pipe Identification Tapes - External Use

PVC Tape Data Sheet External Use

Over Lamination Data Sheet External Use

Valve Tags

Valve Tags

Valve Tag Data Sheet